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Santa Fe in the Spring!

Santa Fe has a small but vibrant downtown that is not only walkable, but walked late into the evening. This time of the year, most of us would rather be outside, enjoying the sun on our face and the breeze in our hair. Whether you walk, ride, bike or climb, there’s something for everyone. Spend the day walking around the plaza, hiking or biking in the mountains or a quick tour of the city by trolley. You can spend a couple hours or all day doing what you enjoy best.

As you venture out you will enjoy the architecture, culture and history of Santa Fe – the “City Different. The central square is referred to as the Plaza which is a gathering place for everyone. Pull up a bench, watch the people, walk along the sidewalks talking to the local artists, try on beautiful jewelry and RED boots!

You’ll notice a district smell in the air as lunch or dinner time rolls around. Santa Fe is known for its huge and spicy plates full of Southwestern cuisine. You can find just about anything that fits your budget and you will no doubt be asked “red or green” (chile). You can try a mix of both by asking for “Christmas”, or you can just put it on the side (if you dare!).  Santa Fe has an excellent selection of restaurants – even those that do not offer the SW cuisine.

There are so many opportunities for hiking, biking or horseback riding. Several companies offer their services or you can venture out on your own. Santa Fe has several nearby pueblos that you can visit. There are 19 pueblos located around the state, including the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos north of Santa Fe. In addition three other Native American groups reside in New Mexico. You can learn about Native America’s heritage as well as contemporary cultures in New Mexico. Plan your visit with information about each pueblo, nation and tribe, as well as annual events, directions and contact info.

By the end of the day, there are no doubts that you’ll look forward to relaxing on the sofa, sitting on the patio, or just enjoying an evening with loved ones. Our casitas are located off the plaza, in the heart of the city. Conveniently located, cozy and comfortable, we have what you need. Casas de Guadalupe is your home away from home. We can’t wait to make your visit a memory!

We look forward to being your host at Casas de Guadalupe!

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