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Our vacation rentals are situated just one mile away from Fort Marcy Park. You could take a sight-seeing stroll right from your casita all the way to Fort Marcy Park Santa Fe. Stop through the plaza to view native artwork and jewelry, have some famous local New Mexican food at a local eatery, and end the day checking out the grounds of Fort Marcy Park Santa Fe NM. It will be a trip to remember for you and your family. Give us a call at (505) 235-2085, and we will be happy to assist you with booking one of our Fort Marcy Park vacation rentals.

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Fort Marcy Park brings thousands of tourists all year round to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Casas de Guadalupe is conveniently located next to Old Fort Marcy Park, as well as other outdoor activities including shopping in the plaza, golfing, fishing or hiking. You’ll never run out of things to do when staying with us, and we guarantee you’ll fall in love with our adobe casitas, not only because of their beautiful Southwestern charm but also because we provide the most convenient location if you are looking to visit Fort Marcy Park Santa Fe. Just a 20 minute walk away, Fort Marcy Park Santa Fe, is a site visited by many travelers near and far, making Casas de Guadalupe one of the closest vacation rentals to Fort Marcy Park Santa Fe. Next time you pay a visit to Fort Marcy Park, be sure you stay at Casas de Guadalupe for the best accommodations in town.

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Fort Marcy Park Santa Fe New Mexico was once where an adobe fort was built as a defensive post designed for American Lieutenant Gilmer and his army during the Mexican-American War in 1846. It was considered to be the only point that took charge of the entire town, therefore making Fort Marcy Park a key location for the final foreign occupation of the state of New Mexico. Today Fort Marcy Park Santa Fe sits within Prince Park and includes wayside exhibits that guide visitors through the site. Slight dirt indentations at Fort Marcy Park can still be seen around the compound and can be attributed to a defensive ditch for soldiers. The location of Fort Marcy Park was considered to be the only “real fort” in the entire territory, making it an important point for defense against any possible invasions. Today, Fort March Park Santa Fe has a great vantage point to view this beautiful city, because of the elevation of the land Fort Marcy Park sits upon. Come and stay at Casa de Guadalupe, and visit Fort Marcy Park, a place marking a pivotal moment for the great state of New Mexico.

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